Hostgator review – Another proof to stay away!

Call me naive, “everyone know Hostgator went to …”

I had some personal backup files on my Hostgator account (customer since 2005), just a few Gb. It wasn’t even using much bandwidth.

A week ago they sent me an email that I’m not allowed to have backup files in my account – So apparently they scan for large files on customer accounts and then send out notices? How much does 1Gb of storage cost nowadays on a large infrastructure like Hostgator has -less than a cent?

Well, I didn’t react in time, and a week after they suspended my account. All my sites are down, for over 24 hours now.

I know I should have remove the files a week ago, but to just go ahead and suspend all my productive sites, being a loyal customer for such a long time, is too harsh no?

I’ve replied several times via email, offered to remove the files, so at least my sites are back up.

No reaction.

Sites still down.

I find this truly offensive, as a customer of over 10 years. I mean, come on, because of a few Gb of used storage in my account? I’m basically just paying this accoutn for years and only using for some small html sites besides that?

So, till now there’s been still no reply.

I can only recommend to pack their bags from hostgator and move away.

They don’t care about long time customers.

Just my 5 cents about Hostgator.